Website Design & Development

A website you'll feel proud of (that actually converts)

Your website is the hardest-working member of your marketing team, on duty 24 hours a day seven days a week driving business to your door.  But many businesses literally neglect their website for years, allowing old content to fester, dates to come and go, and links to stay broken.  So many businesses forget that their website needs to be nurtured almost as much as a valuable team member, updated regularly with fresh content, reflecting both societies and their client’s ever-changing values and needs.

Our Process

Step 1: Marketing Strategy

A great website starts with an exceptional Marketing Strategy. The very first step is to find out all about you, your brand, and most importantly, your clients.  We spend time with you and research your industry to ensure you receive a website that both reflects your brand and sets you apart from your competitors.

Step 2: Your Brand

Your website needs to reflect more than your brand’s colours and fonts. It needs to speak your brand’s distinctive voice so that your ideal customer feels profoundly understood.   You can provide your website copywriting yourself, or choose to empower the Section Media specialist copywriting team to ghostwrite content for you that feels like you are speaking directly to your target client.

Step 3: User Experience (UX)

Your website build then continues with your ideal client’s user experience top of mind.  Your customer’s journey through your site is carefully planned so not only do they feel deeply understood but also so they are effortlessly guided towards your company’s solution to their problem.    

A great website stops you losing business!

To be a powerful sales tool, your website needs minor changes and edits at least monthly, and sometimes even weekly or daily.  A full website revamp is needed every two to three years, as the digital landscape changes regularly and you’ll want a look and content that’s fresh and relevant.

The days are numbered for businesses that have a sub-standard website.

No matter how good your sales funnel or social media, if prospects land on your outdated website your most valuable marketing tool is probably more like a leaking bucket.

Stand out from your competitors

Great websites are (not so) easy to build

These days there are plenty of DIY websites to choose from, and perhaps you’ve even tried to update or develop your website yourself? Or maybe a mate who ‘knows a bit about websites’ has offered to do it for you?

But after hours of frustration and more than a few lost evenings and weekends you’ve discovered that it’s not so easy as it seems. You just can’t make it look or work the way you imagined, and the functionality you thought would be easy now seems impossible.

Here’s a snapshot of the amazing websites developed at Section Media.