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Search Engine Optimisation, commonly referred to as SEO, is the process of optimising your website to reflect the information search engines are looking for. By ensuring your website is well optimised, you can see big jumps in online visibility with more people visiting your site, completing purchases or enquiring. Most people start searching for a product or service through Google, so it is the best place to capture these qualified searches when they are ready to engage. You could think of SEO as similar to real estate. By making sure you have an inviting shopfront with clear views of your goods and services in a high traffic area, you’re bound to get more foot traffic and potential buyers. Typically, page one accounts for over 96% of all search clicks, with few people going to the following pages. The higher your page ranks, the more people see it and are likely to visit. By engaging in SEO, your website will gain authority and visibility to users and should see increased enquiries and sales.

Good SEO, unlike paid search, can’t be bought – but it can be earned and that’s exactly what Calibre Nine will do for you. They take a holistic approach to any campaign to ensure over the long term it is sustainable and rich.

Calibre Nine strives to be what we also want out of people and businesses – open, honest, dedicated, transparent, driven and results focused. Their campaigns are affordable, 100% Australian and operate on a month-my-month basis so you are never locked into any long-term contracts.

Below is a breakdown of tasks to be completed as part of any SEO campaign:

Stage 1:

  1. Consultation

  2. Competitor Profiling

  3. Website audit

  4. Keyword Analysis

  5. Website architecture and user experience (UX) audit

  6. Onsite optimisation

  7. Duplicate content check and removal

  8. External backlink audit

  9. Internal link analysis

  10. Google My Business optimisation

Stage 2:

  1. Link building

  2. Content creation

  3. Schema markup

  4. Content Silos

  5. Ongoing reviews

“In such a short period of time these guys have worked-effortlessly to help grow my business. They have done and continue to do as promised for my florist website. my courier driver wondered if i had an advert on the radio for how much busier we have become. To Grant and the team at Calibre9 thank you, I’m looking forward to a great working friendship.”

– Mandy Wildbunch Florist

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