Our Services

Website Design and Development

Your website is the hardest-working member of your marketing team, on duty 24 hours a day seven days a week driving business to your door. If your website is stale, no longer has the functionality you (and your clients) demand, or even makes you feel a little embarrassed, then you need a website refresh.

Digital Marketing

If you manage a business and are responsible for driving sales, keeping up with your online marketing can feel impossible as you juggle social media, email marketing, blogs, and articles. But as these platforms can be invaluable for driving sales to your company, and with over 89% of Australians on the internet, you better be where your customers are, or you are probably losing sales.

Marketing Training

Once your marketing machine is all set up, we will train you, and up to 10 of your team members to edit your website, and maintain your digital marketing yourself, saving you money and leaving you feeling confident and in control of your company’s marketing.

Boost Your Business!

Increase Brand Awareness

Greatly increase your brand recognition and broaden your audience engagement.

Improve Customer Relationships

Esablish new ways to reach current and future clients.

Increase Website Traffic

Social media posts are a great way to share content from your website.

Generate Leads

A low commitment way for potential customers to show interest in your product or service.

Optimise Sales

Well managed digital marketing and social media is an important tool for driving leads through the sales funnel.

Create a Human Connection

Social media allows you to create meaningful human connections, crucial to maintaining your brand.

Say godbye to marketing uncertainty

How would it feel to have your website, social media, email, and online marketing all taken care of while you sit back and watch new clients roll in? You don’t even need to read your Section Media marketing monthly report (which we promise will be free from marketing jargon and jibberish).

How It All Works

Six simple steps to nailing your online marketing.

Step 1 - FREE Marketing Health Check

Why not start with a FREE Marketing Health Check for your business for a snapshot of where your business is right now? Complete the contact us form and we’ll get onto preparing your Section Scorecard.

Step 2 - Your Section Scorecard

Check over your Section Scorecard and evaluate where you could better invest your marketing effort and budget. This is where your big decisions start. Continue doing your marketing yourself, or outsource to the Section Media team of online marketers?

Step 3 - Marketing Strategy

Set up a Marketing Strategy meeting with Section Media. We’ll do a deep dive into your marketing and start you on your way to becoming a key player in your industry.  One that stands head and shoulders above your competitors, and becomes known as the go-to brand in your industry.

Step 4 - Website Refresh

Our expert web designers will revamp (or build) you a banger website so that not only will your site exude your unique brand voice, but also has all the functionality you need so your clients can easily find you, and buy from you.

Step 5 - Digital Marketing

Once traffic is flowing to your site, Section Media will set you up with the right social media for your business, create posts for each platform to engage, educate, entertain and convert,  create articles and blogs, and email marketing.  We’ll also automate much of your marketing so it works on autopilot, becoming a powerful marketing tool that works even as you sleep.

Step 6 - Choose your Marketing Package OR get trained!

Keep outsourcing your marketing to Section Media by choosing how many hours you’d like us to dedicate to your company each month ( we can help you here).  Feel the confidence of having a team of expert marketers ensuring your brand is right in front of your perfect prospect.


Let us train you and your team and continue to do your own marketing, saving you the monthly fee!