Skinny Dog Hotel Website Build


Project Summary

Skinny Dog Hotel was an exciting web project to say the least! The branding allowed us to be expressive as if visiting the website was walking through the restaurant itself. We had a few goals to reach, one of which was to include their booking system through the website so visitors can easily book a table on the fly without having to go through many hurdles.

The website had a plugin custom developed by Section Media which included a what's on widget where in the backend of the website users (such as the manager of the restaurant) could add events and state where the location of the event is within the venue making it intuitive and easy to use.

So far, the website has had an increase in bookings and total visibility on google has gone up all while following the brand guidelines provided by Skinny Dog Hotel. We ensure that our designs convert into leads or in this case bookings for the restaurant.

Technologies Used
Our choice of industry-leading technologies makes Skinny Dog Hotel Built a high-performance, user-friendly website.
WordPress is a user-friendly system for creating websites and blogs with customizable themes and plugins.

Key Pages

What's On

Section Media developed a What's on widget which makes it easy for the management team to add in events on the website from the backend of the website. Skinny Dog Management now has fields that can be prefilled in the backend which auto populates on the front end of the website ensuring they don't have to code or develop anything in the process.


The booking system on Skinny Dog Hotel's website has OpenTable embedded on the website allowing users to book for tables in different rooms, making it as seamless as possible to book a table.


The home page is the showcases a tour of Skinny Dog Hotel where users can see a bit of insight into the restaurant that Skinny Dog offers.

Website Gallery

Final Result

The website is now polished and functional. It combines attractive design with easy navigation, making it user-friendly. It works well on different devices, and features like contact forms, services pages and booking systems help represent the brand effectively.

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